As leading Canadian Mortgage Brokers, we have a large network of lender partnerships that allow us to offer our clients non-published residential and commercial mortgage rates. We have partnerships with the top banks in Canada along with up to 70 different lenders. We don’t just compare rates with our lenders; that’s just one component of getting the most suitable mortgage for you. We also compare the term of the mortgage. If you get financing with one of the big banks, the penalties are huge but are substantially less if you go with a different lender like a Credit Union or Monoline Lender. Furthermore, the differences of dealing with a bank versus a mortgage broker is that when you get a mortgage at a bank, they work at branch level, whereas, we as mortgage brokers deal directly with the decision makers at head office. Therefore, if there is anything questionable in your file, we work with the decision makers to find the best mortgage solution for your needs. Whether you are looking for your first home mortgage, 2nd home mortgage, mortgage for rental property or home equity loan, we help you achieve your financing goals.