Down Payment Grants Available

No interest – No payments

Up to a $455,000.00 purchase

The County of Dufferin Homeownership Component is designed to provide moderate income individuals and families with an interest free down payment assistance loan to help them in purchasing their own home.
The grant provides an interest free down payment assistance loan of up to five percent (5%) of the cost of an eligible home, to a maximum of $22,750.00.

Purchaser Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible for down payment assistance the purchaser must be a renter household and meet the following criteria:
  • Combined gross household income at or below $90,500
  • Must not currently own a home or have a legal interest in a property
  • Must be buying a sole and principal residence within the County of Dufferin
  • Have assets of no more than $22,750.00
  • Must not owe any social housing arrears, including damages
  • Be a minimum 18 years of age
  • Be able to secure financing on the property (That’s the part we take care of)

Unit Eligibility Criteria

  • Units eligible under the Homeownership program must meet the following criteria:
  • Homes eligible under this program include: new units, resale homes, semi-detached, townhouses (condo 
or freehold), stacked homes, row houses or apartments
  • A single-family residential home
  • The selling price of the home must not exceed $455,000
  • A home inspection is required at homeowner’s expense if purchasing a re-sale home

Approved applicants will be given a sixty (60) day commitment letter. Within this sixty (60) day period, applicants must provide an accepted, conditional Agreement of Purchase and Sale. The closing date for the purchase must be at least thirty (30) days so that their office can process the down payment assistance loan. The down payment assistance funds will be transferred on the closing date.