To be a first time home buyer is a scary place to be as there are so many moving parts to buying your first home. It’s the largest and most important financial decision you will make in your life and the second largest financial decision you will make is to get a mortgage on your home. That’s why as mortgage brokers, we walk you through the decision process and different stages to ultimately make you feel comfortable. Therefore, you understand what types of decisions you will need to make. We talk to you about income and how it works, how it qualifies, how a part-time job is different than a full-time job – all those differences. In addition, as we put the deal together, you understand what’s involved, what are the terms and the conditions of the mortgage. We discuss various types of scenarios to help you find the right mortgage suitable for you. And, when it comes to credit, we go through someone’s credit score and discuss why it’s good or if it needs to be improved and how it improve it; whereas the banks just tell you if your credit score will work or not.