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Planning the Perfect Summer Party

Once your home is freshened up, it’s time to think of ways you can flaunt it!  Reference this guide as you plan your barbeque, bonfire or backyard party in the months ahead.


The When

  • Holiday weekends are great, but keep in mind, guests might already be going to another party, so send invited early!
  • Consider posting a poll on social media to find a date that works best for your friends.


The Who

  • Send invitations via social media, email or mail.
  • Will you keep it small or go all out?
  • Confirm attendance with guests a few weeks before to determine the amount of food and drinks you’ll need.


The Menu

Determine what food you’ll serve and how you’ll prepare it.  Choose one or a combination of these options:

  • Cook on your own
  • Host a potluck
  • Hire a caterer


The Venue

  • Make sure the patio or party space is refreshed!
  • Update or polish up old furniture.
  • Consider adding fun amenities like spring lights or a fire pit.


The Entertainment

Try these fun party activities for kids (and adults) of all ages:

  • Frisbee toss
  • Volleyball
  • Water ballook toss
  • Hula hoops